Trio Bambini Story

Trio Bambini (which derives from the Italian word) means the “Three children”. These three children are now the owners of the famous Trio Bambini Gelato and Yogurt Bar in Mykonos Island, Greece. From children, the three partners schooled, played, worked and grew up together. This special relationship has been expressed with the creation of Trio Bambini store, which was born in 2012.

In the Trio Bambini store you will find a colorful banquet of fascinating flavors of handmade ice cream. These handmade ice creams are produced using the best and freshest ingredients as reflected in the high quality of our products.

Our handmade ice cream (Gelato), is made on a daily basis and to date there are over 100 flavors. Our Gelato is produced onsite, behind the famous wooden porthole. The basis of our handmade ice cream, which is also the basis of our philosophy, is made from pure, Greek and traditional products. The machinery used, is the finest among leading brands and are the most technologically advanced of their kind.

The inspiration behind the Trio Bambini Store was formed after travelling to the greatest gelataria’s in the world. The boys were then educated and trained in the largest Gelato factories in Italy, which is also the metropolis of Gelato. The Bambini Trio, continuously travel around the world to maintain the education and information needed to be able to formulate products which best meet the desires of our customers.

Also included on our menu, is a great range of frozen yogurts, crepes, & waffles, which are made by our staff who have over 20 years experience, combined.

One Island, one shop, one story, one life, one love,

Thank you,

Trio Bambini