Handmade Gelato

Handmade Gelato

Gelato is fresh ice cream made in daily basis.

In Trio BambiniTM stores we use the best ingredients, both locally-sourced but also from far away bringing you the best possible results in our recipes. We use only natural ingredients, no exceptions.

Trio BambiniTM Gelato, has only 4-8% fat depending on the flavour. Our Gelato is a completely satisfying premium product that its creaminess derives from expertly balancing of every component in the recipe, not from excess fat and sugar.

Trio BambiniTM Gelato has a much stronger, pure and more satisfying flavor due to our secret recipes that have evolved through the years, our saficient non stop training of our employees, so to finally offer to our customers a unique and memorable taste experience.

  • with more than 150 flavors
  • greek traditional flavors with natural ingredients
    from countryside and islands of Greece such as:
    Pistachio, mastiha, honey and fresh fruits, kaimaki,
  •  ice cream base: made by natural greek healthy
    ingredients and fresh local milk is bought every day
    from the local market.

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February 18, 2015